Almost everyday, I resist the urge to title the post some version of “How Pretty is Cillian Murphy?” I have yet to title this post, so the jury’s still out. By the time you’re reading this though, you’ll know whether or not my inner fangirl won the battle to be fully acknowledged tonight or not.

In other actual yoga related news, I love sun salutations. They’re so invigorating and clarifying for me. They’re also continuously physically challenging, so I feel fully engaged, mind, body and spirit when i’m doing them.

I had a moment of clarity during my shavasana, child’s pose cool down tonight…it was a moment connected to an earlier moment of instantly transformed doubt. I got that faith is the only thing that matters. It’s simply way more powerful than “not knowing how”. I tend to put too much stock in figuring out “how” or “if”, a concern that is completely unproductive and wasted. I’m just going to have a little faith in the things I desire.

For instance, my geranium have several buds waiting to blossom and my jasmine, which I had almost given up for dead is also pregnant with fragrant possibility. I’ll be sure to post pictures when they bloom.