"Cosmic Hand" Photo Credit: NASA/CXC/SAO/P.Slane, et al.
Are you supposed to leave your yoga practice bummed? I just did. I put in that new DVD by JJ Gormley again and tried to start from a beginning. I did the yoga for bleeders, since it was an option and I currently am one.

It would be hard for me to overstate how much I dislike this woman’s approach to yoga. It’s the yoga I had in mind before I started doing yoga again and remembered what it’s really about. Tracey Regenold, my former boss and Landmark Center Manager once called me the “Patron Saint of Lost Causes.” The fact that I put this soulless strip mall of a yoga dvd back in shows that she’s no liar.

I’m reaching one of those growth moments again. I’m bored with this game I made up – results or no results. I’m definitely concerned that you (the reader) are bored and annoyed by my short posts punctuated by whining.

I never had any intention of having an audience. I was just going to blog, to blog, because I wanted to blog about something and I figured it would be a tangible structure to keep the yoga in existence. I didn’t ever go so far in my thinking as to imagine an audience to satisfy, interest, maintain, be concerned about (or not), etc… [trails off]

By the way, I had a lizard-related mini breakthrough today in my census travels. Today, seemingly every block had a house on it with some decorative lizard celebration – a door knocker, random statuary, metal sculpture, screen door motif, even pavers embossed with lizards.

In the past, I’ve quickly bypassed those houses after muttering obscenities about how disgusting lizards are and why would anyone want to celebrate them, standing as far back from the offending images as possible – just in case one should become animated an attack me. Today, I just got all bold and caressed and stroked two different such items like they were little cuddly puppies.

Then at the end of the day the universe gave me my final exam in the form of a real lizard perched right next to a front door. Instead of fleeing in horror, squealing as if I’d seen a bear, I merely paused (muttered obscenities) and threw a rock at the screen door to scare the lizard away. The little bastard stayed put, but I just stood my ground like a normal person and did my work a couple feet back of where I normally would. Not exactly getting a pet lizard, but for those who know me, a big step.

Census work heals…who knew?