Beach Angel.  Photo by: Gia Venturi

Beach Angel. Photo by: Gia Venturi

This is a yoga blog, so multi-tasking gone bad isn’t earth-shattering stuff and likely not something happening at a very fast pace. It’s just what happens when a procrastinator tries to throw all her domestic duties into the junk-drawer of the week also known as Sunday evening.

If I lived in a bigger house, it wouldn’t be a problem, but trying to do dishes, two loads of laundry and then lay the ol’ mauve yoga mat down for quiet time, was not such a grand plan. I think tonight I was breathing in suds and exhaling spin cycle. Live and learn, oui.

My main takeaway from shavasana was recalling my drive home from Prescott and noticing that I could use some yoga for drivers, because I might be the angriest, most impatient and foul-mouthed creature on 4-wheels. However, I’ll just put that on my list of things I’m “not dealing with now.”