It’s been a long week. I’m tired. Yoga is good. I’m glad people are being inspired to take on their own exercise projects out of this and can’t say enough how deeply grateful I am for all the support and positive feedback.

That said, I’m going to take my post yoga, post mango and plumeria scented epsom salt bath chill-vibe and finish watching the rest of Breakfast on Pluto.

I’ll leave you with the video to the song I’ve been singing all day, lyrics from which are the source of both the blog title and the quote below. It’s Liz Phair’s Stratford-on-Guy and my suggestion is to listen to the song, while browsing another window or something and avoid actually watching the video at all costs.

It’s circa 1993, poor girl was clearly on a budget and worse still, gave into some terrible narcissistic impulses which should in no way detract from the brilliance of her music.

I hope you’re not now tempted to watch. Remember what happened to Eve (and Medusa).

“It took an hour, maybe a day, but once I really listened the noise just went away.”