I was so excited to get my new yoga DVD in the mail earlier today. I was looking forward to the variety as it claimed to have “over 35 different routines” to choose from.

Then I completely forgot about it until yoga time and put it in as excited as a kid on Christmas. I scrolled through to see there were indeed lots of options to choose from – yippee! I chose “Beginners – under 30 mins” and there was a series called “Strong, Open Heart” or some such. Heyyyy…that’s right up my alley.

I click on the link and next thing I see a zooming graphic that says “Table Series” and a woman in table pose immediately beginning what she said would be the first of 6 variations of the table series.

It was such an abrupt beginning that I backed up the DVD to see if it had skipped by accident, but no…homegirl had no time to create any context or even take a deep breath. OK. Maybe it’s just this one. There were several other titles and I noticed one that looked like it might be just what I needed in the moment, “Dealing With Change.” Unfortunately, my little friend JJ Gormley is not one for foreplay and she was launching right into the middle of some other series again.

I clicked on a few others, but they were all the same – a segment of some larger thing and not whole little units unto themselves. Me sad. Thus, overwhelmed by lame-itude of it all, I turned the DVD player off and did a great silent practice, ending in Warrior II and then Child’s pose.

In other, more positive news, I’m happy to report a couple things: 1) The first day out in the field for the Census was actually half-way fun (it sure beat sitting in a room being read to for three days) and 2) My geranium lives. I had been over-watering it. It’s not blooming yet, but I’ll let you know when that happens…oh and my netflix just delivered another Cillian Murphy movie – yeah!!!

Peace in the Middle East y’all.