That’s not the most peaceful or uplifting title of a yoga blog, but that’s pretty much how I’ve felt all day. Fifteen minutes of yoga later, it’s probably more of a meow and less of a growl, but not a happy cat meow, more like a “where’s my food and why have you been gone all day” meow.

Nothing’s horribly wrong. I’m just tired and have the experience of being a loser waiting to happen and I’m frustrated by the familiarity of it and the wanting to quit… knowing that self-confidence and stick-to-it-iveness are the only things standing between me and the life I want…and bemoaning my lack of both.

I also have a very very low tolerance for being misunderstood, dependent on others or being rejected and I feel like I’ve surpassed acceptable levels of all three over the past 24 hours and it just makes me angry and evil and anti-social. It also apparently makes me write in run-on sentences and not care.

As Meryl Streep would say in the Devil Wears Prada, “That’s All.”