7h_chakrasToday was a good day. I started to notice that I’m just happy and content. I’m grateful and optimistic and find myself surrounded by people openly expressing their love and gratitude for me. I feel lucky.

My day was book-ended in the morning by a lovely appreciative message from a dear friend and a last-minute dinner invitation from other dear friends. And, being that the chef is also a yoga instructor we did about 20-30 minutes of Kundalini Yoga for dessert.

This is not your father’s Ashtanga Yoga class. We did the Sat Kriya. Not only was this style new, it was my first practice in this series with other live people and it involved holding poses for a long time, special breathing and chanting.

The chanting was way cool – I loved the sound, and feeling the vibration and connection between the three of us. It was quite different from what I’ve been doing and ooooh dear, my mind had some ideas about it all.

I noticed that my tendency is to want to stop when it starts to feel uncomfortable, and feel damn justified about it too…except that when I do that I never get to experience what’s on the other side of the discomfort…not pain mind you – just discomfort. Anyhoo, there was a lot of chatter, but at the end of it, I felt very peaceful, clear and energized, not at all sleepy and drugged like I feel sometimes after yoga.

So different, it turns out is good and when I keep going past the discomfort, sometimes there’s joy at the other end. As in yoga, so in life.