I’ll have to remember tonight the next time I chide myself for not having discipline. I’ll have to remember tonight the next time I make myself do something that doesn’t nourish and restore me. And I certainly hope I don’t forget tonight two months from now, when I’m on day 64. super-cillian

Tonight was dicey. I was practically asleep on the couch at 9:30p and had just enough sense to set my alarm for 10:45p so my quick nap didn’t turn into a long sleep I’d regret.

After returning home from helping out at Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women I began falling asleep on the couch while watching 28 Days Later (again) and finally distinguished what it is I love about this movie. In between the blood, screaming and “zombies”, it’s the ultimate hero’s tale/love story and I’m starved for both.

When he meets her he is completely vulnerable running for his life after having awakened from a coma in the hospital alone, disoriented and lost. She by contrast is a hardened survivor in a London decimated by pandemic and subsequent mass evacuation.

To survive, she’s traded in her femininity (and humanity) and in 28 days has become resigned to the the fact that “staying alive is as good as it gets.” She’s brassy and straightforward and kinda reminds me of myself.

Jim is still of the world as we know it now, where relationships matter for their own sake and people are judged by their goodness vs. “whether or not they’re going to slow you down.” Without turning into a movie review, here’s what I just can’t get enough of about this movie (besides Cillian Murphy’s Irish accent and aquamarine eyes) their relationship restores each to their humanity and best expression of themselves.

I love that even though he can’t relate to the brassiness at first, he appreciates its usefulness and ultimately learns from it. In the moment that he is restored to his sense of self, she allows herself to be vulnerable and he sees her for who she is beneath the armor.


By the end of the movie he literally lays it all on the line to rescue her and protect her honor, making a clear choice that surviving in a world without her (and another survivor, with whom they’ve created a makeshift family) is not a world in which it’s worth surviving. And she never loses a bit of her power or resourcefulness the entire time.

I’m not sure this has much to do with yoga, but after hitting snooze four times, I got up and did my practice, to the score from this movie…and I was as present as I’ve been during any of my practices thus far.

Clear and present. I need a hero. I am as good as I’m going to get alone at this point. I need a hero to remind me of who I am when I forget.