Yoga is amazing…I was mostly a bit edgy today, a hodge podge of annoyance, boredom, desire,  suppressed anger and disappointment with some real love and joy sprinkled in for good measure.   It would be fair to say my niceness quotient dropped below acceptable levels more than once today.

By the time 10:30 rolled around, I was mostly annoyed by the prospect of “having to do” the yoga/blog thing again, as if someone else had put me up to this.

I was resentful and pretty well determined to do a practice not one second longer than 5 minutes and definitely tried to justify delaying the blog post (the blogging takes quite a bit longer than the yoga) as I crudely slapped my mat down on the tile floor.  I think I even threw in a whine about why my new geranium is turning yellow on me.

I knew I would need a little guidance, so I put in my new friend, Jeff for some supportive guidance… and ding – after a little wriggling to get myself settled seated on the mat, legs crossed, palms pressed together in front of my heart, I heard exactly what I needed to hear – nothing is mandatory. Nothing is mandatory.

As I eased from leg stretches into cat/cow into down dog and beyond, my mind calmed, the edges softened and a mandatory five minutes stretched into a satisfied 11. Yoga was just what I needed.

I will keep that in mind as I navigate these uncertain times and keep listening for the wisdom the universe so generously supplies, whenever I need it.  It doesn’t even seem to mind if I whine or demand, just so long as I mean it.

Ask.  Receive.  Nothing is mandatory.

By the way, it turns out Jeff Martens, my dvd yoga guy, is an instructor here in the Valley with studios in Tempe and Chandler. I’ll have to go check him out one of these days.

That my dvd yoga guru is 20 miles down the road is quite the coincidence, because while I “knew” I had a yoga dvd, I don’t remember buying it or getting it as a gift and it was completely unfamiliar to me when I put it in for the first time 10 days ago.