Creation....Big Island, Hawaii.       Photo by: Pam Swayze

Creation....Big Island, Hawaii. Photo by: Pam Swayze

My yoga guy (the guy on the DVD, who when he breathes, six gallons of air are displaced), is really full of gems. In just the first three minutes of listening to his guided warm up there were about 10 different ideas upon which to dwell.

The notion of receiving with grace and trust happened to resonate the most for me today and so I’m going to riff off of that. Not sure where to start framing, but I think it’s fair to say that a lot of people, including myself, are living with an unusual level of economic uncertainty right now.

Having dealt with this situation for over a year now, I’m starting to gain some freedom and facility in this space to the point where I’m now actually creating inside of it as opposed to being completely ruled by fear.

This yoga/blog practice has been one of several practices that’s been making a difference in shifting my consciousness to the point where at the end of this day, I can stand the possibility of grace and trust.

Despite all of the fear, uncertainty and downright anxiety that’s taken a hold of our collective consciousness and conversation, I trust that this too shall pass and am even beginning to be grateful for being tempered by the experience.

Writ large, it feels like one day 6…10…12 months down the road, we’ll all get sick and tired of being scared and small, that we will as a community – nationally, globally (?) declare a bottom to the hysteria and fear, thus unleashing an unquantifiable store of authentic creative collective energy  causing  a miraculous transformation that alters the future for the better in ways we can’t currently predict.

At least that’s what I’m getting while breathing in acceptance and exhaling the past.

Thanks for being my partners on the journey….D