This is going to be quick and possibly incoherent. I am unbelievably tired and about 15 minutes ago I wasn’t sure I was going to drown if I took a shower, as was my initial intention or fall asleep on the mat if I attempted yoga, much less be awake to write a post. To paraphrase Maya (or Ben) still I rise.

My dear friend, Gia posted the most intriguing comment to my previous post, which inspired the title of this post. I have been, inexplicably to me, getting up early – like normal people early – 7:31a, 7:34a, 8:16a all this week and couldn’t really figure out what had happened to my old familiar night-owly self. Gia, a fellow walker in the tribe of the owl, who has been engaged in a 5 day a week Yoga practice for 5 weeks now said she’s noticed the same thing and that she’s needed less sleep as well.

A light bulb went on when I read that. I also haven’t been eating as much, as in over-eating just because the food tastes soooo good or I’m bored or ____________ (fill in the blank) and not been really craving the sugar (junk) as much either. Could it really be the result of 5 minutes a day of yoga for 5 days?

Well, tonight I started my 12 minute practice in a sleepy stupor and by the end of shavasana, I felt relaxed, as opposed to tired and just sleepy as opposed to “might drown in the shower exhausted.”

I remember reading or listening to an article about weight gain, in some people being linked to having burned out adrenals and the symptoms of the burnt out adrenal sufferers sounding like me. I don’t specifically remember what they were, but it might not be a coincidence that 5 days of cooling down my parasympathetic nervous system has resulted in a reduction of some of the symptoms of an imbalanced system.

Something is happening here indeed. Thanks for sharing the wisdom. I’m really intrigued by where this journey will lead and am grateful to have fellow travelers.

p.s. Anything on the page highlighted in blue is a link.  Click on the words to open a new page that references the highlight.  There’s some gems tucked away there waiting to be found.