This blog and its creator almost experienced a minor miracle today. My normal lioness sleep patterns have somehow gotten off kilter and I was up at 7:43a!!!minor-mirace-photo
I was planning to be up a little early to head over to work on my Mom’s rental and then that got pushed back because my friend, Mitch got off to a late start.

When I realized I had an extra hour, I pulled out the yoga mat and thought to myself, “Hey self, why don’t you just do yoga in the morning…I have a feeling those sun salutations are meant to be done with the rising sun.” Revolutionary thinking from yours truly. As fate would have it, a bowl of cereal, the HuffPost and Andrew Sullivan later, it was all I could do to gather my supplies and take a shower before heading out.

Alas, I just completed my practice at 10:52pm, and am feeling well wound down from the day and sleepy.  The great thing I’ve discovered about challenging myself to do only a minimum of 5 minutes is that even my worst inner couch potato can hardly sustain a valid argument against finding FIVE minutes to exercise. It’s downright genius. I always end up doing more than 5 minutes and I can’t imagine coming up with a valid excuse not to find the time.

Dear loyal readers, if you think you’re up to the excuse challenge, share your best ones with me in the comments. I read them all and love that you take the time to share.

p.s. the pic from yesterday was a picture of the sun from a Boston Globe picture essay. Click on the blue text to view the link.