Here’s the scoop.  It’s 7:25p and I just finished a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood and 10 mins of yoga.  During said walk I was hailed as “young queen” by a passing African-American male motorist.   I was already smiling about an email I’d received from a friend earlier, but that widened my grin as I thanked him.

The sunset was gorgeous this evening as it usually is in the Valley of the Sun and when I came back I ducked the twin temptations of the computer and my own inner thought weasel, saying “well, you already exercised, it won’t be a tragedy if you don’t actually do yoga”.  The force is strong with that one.

So I yanked out the mat and started doing just some random moves like cat/cow and sun salutations.  I noticed I had a bit more strength in my right shoulder than I did yesterday and could half way get into plank.  Improvement. yeah!  Always one to try to have my cake and eat it too, I pressed play on the Cillian Murphy movie already in the dvd player, but though On The Edge is a great movie about a love story between suicidal patients in a mental hospital it’s not great yoga accompaniment.

So I put in a yoga video that I have and the yoga instructor is one of those hyper-lean, shirtless middle-aged men in shorts who’ve been doing yoga so long that their ribcage expands 5 feet when they breathe in and out. It started out with him sitting in full lotus.  My first instinct was “hell to the naw”, I can’t relate to this hairy chested super peaceful looking dude…I couldn’t do full lotus in the best of times, much less now, so I fast forwarded to a more mellow section and started doing yoga.  I don’t think I really had a plan in mind to actually practice yoga, so much as move my body, but I was reminded today that yoga is a mind trip even more than a physical one….and that’s what I learned walking down an unknown path on Day 2.