Wow.  I just did my first bit of yoga in a long time and I am not the flexible bunny I once was.  I have been eating my way through this recession and spending so much time supine that I’m afraid of getting bed sores.

Two nights ago I had a fanciful idea to do yoga every single day for a year and blog about the experience starting on March 1.  Mind you, I’m only talking a minimum of 5 minutes and a single line blog post every day, but literally every single day for 365 days straight.

As inspired as the idea was, and seemingly minimal its requirements,  it seemed daunting and doomed for failure at the mercy of a mood or whim.   Can I trust myself to shower every day, much less reverse the inertia of an increasingly sedentary life?

You see, cupcakes are my drug of choice and I have a high tolerance for doing nothing but surfing the internet and watching movies all day.  I’ve collected several months worth of well-intentioned tomorrows, but I’ve come to the edge.

I’m just past bored with surfing the interwebs for cool stuff to post to my facebook site and Netflix is going to cut me off at the rate I’m going through movies.  I’m in a major Cillian Murphy phase right now.  He’s a fantastic actor with these stunning blue eyes and before I go all fan girl, suffice it to say, next to cupcakes, that Irish fellow is my other drug of choice right now.  But, I digress.

I’ve been justifying eating and being sedentary and homebound by saying that it’s “cheaper than therapy or going outside.”  But that excuse has grown tired and stale, even for me.   I’m 37, single, unemployed and wicked out of shape.

It’s the kind of out of shape that didn’t really creep up on me, so much as I nestled into like a hot bubble bath.  But now the water’s gone cold, I’m bored to tears and it’s not so much about being fat anymore, it’s that my body, which used to be in pretty good shape is now a walking billboard for the cliche “use it or lose it.”

I’ve taken so much for granted, complaining about what I didn’t have, wasn’t given or had yet to achieve.  There are people who would give everything just to be able to walk again and I have been squandering this body that is athletically inclined and builds muscle and strength with the barest encouragement.

Today, I’m stopping taking my body for granted. I don’t think I’m being any more melodramatic than normal to say that I’m pretty numb on the inside, deadened by fear, decayed hopes and rusted dreams and as within, so without.

This project will be my WD-40 or whatever the organic, non-toxic version of that may be.  I’m not sure exactly what my life will look like at the end of a year, but here’s what I hope to accomplish.

I hope to be freed up in body and spirit.  I hope to be known to myself and others as radiant, loving, vibrant and graceful.  I want a body that lives up to its potential – active, healthy, flexible, strong – not one that looks taken for granted or abused.

Do yoga every day and then post to my blog every day.  I can do this.  My word, if I can’t commit to using my body purposefully for 5 minutes every day, what the hell can I commit to.  I hope that people take the time to follow me on this journey, maybe I’ll even inspire a few folks to take on projects of their own.

Y’know, I love getting lost, or should I say, taking trips where I don’t know where I’m going just to see where I end up.  I’ll just think of it that way.  This is a journey.

Today is Day 1 and at 11:34pm instead of putting it off until another well-intentioned tomorrow, I did yoga tonight.  Six minutes of some sun saluations and Warrior 1.

One word – wow!  I have an injured shoulder I’ve been ignoring and the flexibility and cardiovascular capacity I took for granted a few years ago is gone.  The great news is, I know, really know that it there for the creating.  I have a body and level of fitness that is a perfect match for my level of activity and as the days pass that will continue to be true.

Before I close I have to name check Michelle Obama for helping to inspire me to get in shape with her fabulous toned arms and fierce amazonian body.  If she can look like that at 45, what’s my excuse?

Also, I have shiny new dreams to fulfill and if I may quote the sign above Walden House on Fillmore and Hayes in San Francisco – “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”  p.s. I promise to bring more humor and brevity to future posts.  Pictures too.

with love – Dory